We love a mystery!

So here I am sitting at the hairdressers with a head full of foils thinking… hummm… maybe we need to talk about how our mystery boxes and mini mystery bags work and how we design them?

Well, here it is.

There are SO many products Mel and I just can’t get enough of and love gifting to people!

It’s not very often you leave one of our houses without a bag full of goodies we push on you to try!

Here’s what we do – we brainstorm our ideas to plan out future boxes and box themes (often on a Fri night with a wee drinkie or two and obvs a pizza). Sometimes we stumble across products that just won’t fit in the box – seriously, they are just too big, or things that won’t go with our themes.

But we have to have them!

So, against our accountants wishes, we buy them anyway!

Then, we find ourselves with some great products on our hands that we want to treat people with!

So we make extra boxes, over and above our normal subscription boxes to surprise you with!

Here’s a bit of a sneak peak into stuff we love to include:

Surmanti Facial Clarying Treatment Peel – is one of the best things we’ve EVER bought! We’ve had LOTS of comments from subscribers and customers about this one! It’s an awesome skin peel that smooths out your skin like nothing else. Could there be one hiding in our You’re Beautiful mystery box?

Sugar Lips Sprinkles – Sprinkle some of the coolest sprinkles on your next batch of cupcakes! When Mel first found these sprinkles, she fell in love and have been ordering stock ever since. We’ve even got vegan ones in stock. Buy our Feed Me mystery box to see if we’ve sprinkled a packet of these in.

Gorgeous headbands from Antler. Mel did have one of these but it was quickly stolen by her fashion forward seven year old. Do they make an appearance in our Fashion Queen mystery bags?

Aroha cordials: LOVE THESEEEEE! The perfect addition for your springtime tipple – we’re also testing that they go well with a sneaky shot of voddie in too! With no artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives or flavourings, they’re awesome! We’re thinking they could potentially be a good addition to our Surprise Me mystery box.

This is just a small selection of some of the extra’s we like to buy and what you could find inside our mystery boxes and bags. Its an adult lucky dip – but the goodies inside are awesome.

The shelves are full, and we need the room for our Christmas boxes – there’s up to 20% off so grab yours now – no code needed, 48 hours only, thanks to Laybuy Mania Marathon!

(discounts in this blog are valid 7th and 8th October only).

We can’t wait to treat you!

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