Steps for Self-Care

We thought we’d share some ideas on how we like to treat ourselves; some self-care ideas –and ask you what do you do to treat yourself?

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Self-care is often talked about but what does it really mean? It can be different for everyone – for me, I like to do something on my own, in a quiet space, usually a good book, some snacks and maybe a cheeky margarita. But sometimes self-care is about going for a long dinner with my bestie, talking about everything under the sun and having a good catch up, without interruptions. For others self-care might be as simple as getting your nails done (I’m all about a good pedicure); or spending time with family and friends. Here’s some examples Jo and I put together for when you’re need for some self care.

Ideas for self-care!

Take a bath (or shower), with a candle, dim lighting – and get yourself a bath bomb or shower steamer in a scent you love. Zone out, breathe and relax.

Go on a picnic! Pack up some nibbles, maybe a little bottle of something delicious, find a nice spot and enjoy!

Read a book – craft a little nest on the couch (or bed, no judgement here) have snacks handy and dive in.

Take yourself off on a nature walk – get outside and get those endorphins going!

Buy (or pick) yourself some flowers and pop them somewhere you’ll see them every day.

We love flowers!
Photo by Analise Benevides on Unsplash

Turn up your favourite tunes and DANCE!

RAOK – that’s a random act of kindness – treating someone else makes our day! Shout someone a coffee, give a stranger a compliment, let someone in while in traffic, donate some clothes (bonus you get a tidier living space too)…

Have a nap.

And our cheeky last one – subscribe to a Little&Luxe box – you’ll get 4-6 treats every month! 😉

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