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I’ve not been doing very well at looking after myself recently. Actually, it’s probably been the last eight years!

I’ve been rushing around like a mad woman – school drop offs, full-time work, dinner prep, lunch box prep, laundry, house work, not eating well, not drinking enough water, not doing any kind of skin care routine.

They joke about it all the time but #rushingwomansyndrome is real. And pretty sure I’m a candidate.

After a couple of bouts of sickness that really knocked me for six, something had to give!

I’ve slowed down! Seriously s-l-o-w-e-d down.

I’ve taken a step back and purposefully taken weekends ‘off’: AKA I’ve not totally overbooked myself and committed to every social event. I’ve actually spent my Saturday mornings enjoying a quiet coffee sitting in my garden and Sundays are for relaxing and preparing for the week.

No more crazy rushing around for me! I’m done!

Last week I headed off on holiday with the resolve of getting my skin care routine in order. Being part owner of Little&Luxe means I have access to all the amazing products we use in our subscription box, but don’t get the full benefit as I don’t actually make time to use them! Silly Jo!

So off I went on holiday with my carefully selected products from the Little&Luxe goodie shelf. I picked Seed + Soul Step-Up Face Scrub and Turn-Back-Time Face Tonic*.

I vaguely recall using them in the past few months and remembering the smell! Also LOVING Seed + Soul’s story: Products are made for woman, by woman AND they only use high-quality skin nourishing ingredients sourced in New Zealand!

So, back to the holiday, I took the time every morning and night to actually do my skin care routine!

This past week, I’ve been using Step-Up Face Scrub every morning.

Shhh…don’t tell the professionals, but my skin was so bad I think I got away with a face scrub every day!

Then before I went to bed, I gave my skin a good cleanse (sorry Seed+Soul, not with your cleanser) and applied Seed + Soul Turn-Back-Time Face Tonic.

OMG. I love this stuff, I love the smell, I love how it makes my skin feel so decadent and nourished!

Heading back to work this morning (begrudgingly) I felt the urge to share with you.

It’s brilliant to jump out the shower, slap my make up on and think – wow my skin looks fantastic!

My foundation glided on, I look refreshed and I’m sure my forehead creases look smoother!

And so, I’ve come back from holiday feeling like one lucky girl – with super awesome skin.

Taking the time to follow a skin care routine has been a tonic! It was so easy to get back on my A-game.

With that being said, I’m off to buy Ain’t no slap in the face cleanser and Calm the Face Down! Moisturiser. Seed + Soul rocks!

*Disclaimer: I have in no way been paid by Seed + Soul to advertise their products. They do not even know I’ve been using their products or love them so much. I’ve written this from my own personal experience.

Here at Little&Luxe, we’re always seeking out great products to include in our subscription gift boxes. We’ve used products from Seed + Soul in the past.

We’re constantly sourcing new and interesting products with a New Zealand focus. If you have any products that you just love, comment below and we’ll check them out!

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