What’s in a name?

One of my friends asked the other day ‘How did you decide on a name for your business?’ That would be a great blog post.

So, here it is!

Naming a business is not quite like naming your pet or your kiddo, although its pretty close.

I mean, you have to live with the name in the long term unless you want to trash all that hard work on branding, making logos and then having to redo a bunch of change across your website, and socials.

The name should probably reflect what you do. Or who you are. What you stand for. Could it be numbers?

That should be easy right.


It was not.

I knew one thing. That I didn’t want the word box in there. I felt it limited us.

But I wanted the name to reflect the general feel of what our subscription was, and it comes in a box. (At least, most of the time).

It was brain dump.

A thought. A word.

Scratch it all and start again.

After a while words started looking like this:

Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels

I was over it.

The list kept growing. And shrinking. Then growing again.

We started brainstorming about about a lifestyle subscription, as opposed to our original idea of a beauty products subscription, the words luxury lifestyle box appeared.

And we scratched out box. But we kept luxury.

Life’s little luxuries box.

Little Luxury Box.

Little Luxe Box.

Little & Luxe.

And she was born! 😍

To get your box (or bag because some months we mix it up) of life’s little luxuries, you can subscribe here.

We send 4-6 items per month, based on your preferences.

We can’t wait to treat you!

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