Have you met… Olivia from NOLA Candles?

Sometimes a persons ‘why’ really resonates with me. I came across NOLA Candles online and talked to Liv about her story and her business. She sent me some candles to try, and I found out more about her for our blog series ‘Meet the Maker’. Although this product has not appeared in a L&L box, we hope to work together in the future.

Olivia donates 10% of NOLA Candles profits to the Neonatal Trust – a cause close to Mel’s heart as her daughter spent 14 nights in the Christchurch NICU unit.

Business name:  NŌLA Candles

What do you make / create: 

We made scented soy wax candles, reed diffusers and room sprays.

French Pear Candle and Reed Diffuser from Nola Candles

What inspired you to first go into business and make your own products?

 Last year, I unexpectedly fell pregnant during lockdown. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me, but at the time I was a broke full-time student that had just moved back to NZ after travelling for five years – basically, as unprepared as I possibly could be to get pregnant. 

I was incredibly fortunate: my family took me and my partner in and supported us while we got on our feet and prepared for our bundles of joy to arrive (yes, plural – twins!).

This however meant we needed to relocate, and when I was on the hunt for a job in the new town, people would take one look at my belly and practically dismiss me on the spot.

At first, this was really demoralising & defeating.

I’d always been a busy person, juggling multiple jobs to save up for my next travel adventure and all of a sudden I was unemployed, broke & felt stuck.

So after a few weeks of tears (I blame the hormones), I thought “screw it, I’ll make a job for myself!” Making candles was a skill I already had so I hit the ground running.

Everything else was and still is a bit of a learning curve! 

What’s one piece of advice you wish you’d had when you first started?

Set some boundaries – work/life balance is hard to achieve when you are running a business but so important! 

What’s your favourite product from your own range?

I recently launched a new scent ranged called warm sandalwood which I am obsessed with. I love it so much I’ve made myself a little perfume roller with it! 

BOUQUET Candle, room diffuser and room spray from NOLA candles

How do you like to treat yourself?

After the twins bedtime, I’ll make myself a hot choccy & binge-watch Modern Family. Usually, my hubby isn’t home from work yet so it’s a little bit of “me” time in the day. 

What’s your go to place when looking for a gift for others?

I tend to pick up gifts for loved ones throughout the year and tuck them away for occasions – I find it makes gift-giving a little more thoughtful. So farmers markets, boutique stores, chooice – places where things are handmade or unique (& supporting locals). 

What’s your favourite NZ made product?

I wouldn’t even know where to narrow it down – there is an abundance of talent in New Zealand!

Most recently discovered jewellery recycled from gin bottles (@ginbottlejewels) – I love this kind of kiwi ingenuity that balances beauty with sustainability. 

Who are some of your favourite small businesses?

I recently had the fortune of attending an award event in my region that highlighted the talent in my area. Scared Art tattoo studio, Urban Naturals (my first stockist & favourite store in Masterton), gin bottle jewellery as mentioned above & nude kiwi skincare. 

What can’t you live without?

Coffee – I am one sleep-deprived mama. 

Where can we buy your products? And what are your social links?

http://nolacandles.co is our website, we’re also on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks Olivia – we loved finding out about your business and you! Disclaimer: Olivia sent me two candles to try and they were divine – I absolutely love her packaging, the glass and simplicity of the labels.

If you’d like to receive a monthly Little&Luxe box, that support small businesses like this, click here! We love what we do and we know you will too!

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