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Mel & Keisha from Ellie NZ? We included their diving Nourish Lip Balm’s in this month’s Fresh box, and they took the time to sit down with us and tell us a little about their business. Let’s go!

Name: Mel & Keisha

Business name: Ellie NZ

What do you make / create: Nourishing Lip care, lip balm and lip scrubs.

What inspired you to first go into business and make your own products?

My daughter enjoyed making home made lip balms and lip scrubs and to support her, I wanted to show her that even little dreams can become big dreams. Therefore, I decided to buy Ellie NZ to demonstrate how an idea can become reality and teach her how to create products, small business ownership and support vegan, cruelty free and NZ made products. I really wanted her to know the importance of knowing what is in the products we use and to know what they really mean, for example Vitamin E, the benefits of this is amazing for our bodies and lips. Most importantly, I wanted to inspire her that anything is possible.

We knew Ellie NZ is perfect for us as this product has attitude, is cheeky, sassy and a bit fun – without sugar coating. No time for bullshit. Straight shooters, kiwi attitude, stick to our word. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We’ve done the research. We’ve tried and tested our products. We’re real and authentic. Ellie is a functional product, for people who give a shit about their lips.

What’s one piece of advice you wish you’d had when you first started?

That it’s okay to not know everything but have the confidence to ask as this is the only way to learn. Sometimes you learn as you go and this is okay, you wont master everything business orientated, it takes time.

What’s your favourite product from your own range?

Ellie Nourish Lip Balm

How do you like to treat yourself?

We like to get our nails done and eye trio’s done, this is about as girly as we get on our mother and daughter dates.

What’s your go to place when looking for a gift for others?

We love a good gift box as we live rural and having a gift personalized and delivered is such a personal touch, we definitely try for NZ Made though.

What’s your favourite NZ made product?

Obviously, Ellie Nourish lip balm, Lip scrub, complimented with our buffer brush, we love it!

Who are some of your favourite small businesses?

I usually try to shop local and understand the benefits of shopping local and helping our locals succeed, is invaluable.  We love Amberley Beauty Clinic as the research and knowledge about beauty and beauty therapy is a real inspiration for us. While selling we get to meet and learn about a variety of small businesses, which are a real inspiration!

Where can we buy your products? And what are your social links?

Our products are available in a variety of places, however, best to check out our website: ellienz.com    There might even be a couple left over listed at Little&Luxe!

Our social links are:



Thanks Mel & Keisha, we loved finding out more about you and your story. We included the Ellie Nourish Balm in our May ‘Fresh’ box.

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