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Welcome to our ‘Meet the Maker’ series, where we stalk makers/curators of things and hound them until they agree to be part of our blog.

Have you met Dionne from Salt & Oil?

Name: Dionne

Business name: Salt & Oil

What do you make / create:

Natural bath soaks and magnesium oil sprays.

What inspired you to first go into business and make your own products?

We already used Epsom salt baths, often adding essential oils, for our family’s mental and physical well-being. We supply NZ float centres with the large amounts of natural Epsom salt they need for their float pods. Because of this we were contacted to make a muscle recovery bath soak for the NZ Rugby players. We thought – ALL Kiwis should be able to experience the benefits of taking natural magnesium in such a lovely, relaxing way, not only if they get squished in mauls for a living. So we had fun getting creative.

What’s one piece of advice you wish you’d had when you first started?

Don’t worry about being ‘salesy’. You’re providing something that people need; a solution to their problems. It took me a while to understand that potential customers maybe don’t know that what they’re looking for is a relaxing soak in an Epsom salt bath.

What they do know is that they are tired, stressed, have sore muscles, are snappy with their kids. It’s up to me to show them how a simple soothing soak a couple of times a week can help improve these issues by enhancing their magnesium levels in an easy, relaxing way!

What’s your favourite product from your own range?

I’ve never been asked this! I’d say the magnesium oil spray. Much as I love a long soak in the bath, the spray takes just 10 seconds to apply. It’s a non-negotiable part of my sleep routine, and comes with me wherever I’m traveling.

How do you like to treat yourself?

Often! I’m lucky that I have a home office, so during the day I can escape for a walk with the dog in the nearby woods, or meet a friend for coffee.

I’m also a fan of movement so a Pilates class is a favourite – not too energetic but I can still feel virtuous!

Top place goes to reading a good book in a warm bath though.

What’s your go to place when looking for a gift for others?

I’m a member of She Owns It – a networking group for female business owners. I have to say that a lot of the gifts I’ve purchased over the last couple of years have been from women in this group.

I’m also a fan of wee gift shops that support local makers. I recently bought some gorgeous leather earrings crafted by a local bag maker using her off-cuts. I saw them stocked in a new café in town. Coffee and shopping is a great combo!

What’s your favourite NZ made product?

I’ve got 2. Both based on alcohol!

I bought my husband the Good George F*ck Off 2020 gin as a gift, and drank most of it myself!

And a pair of stunning sapphire-coloured earrings from Gin Bottle Jewels. No prizes for guessing what they were made from!

Who are some of your favourite small businesses?

I like Sisterhood Fashion – Pamela makes cute, funky earrings that are really affordable. She recently branched out into personalized LED night lights. I’m thinking of getting one made with our logo on it to cheer up my boring desk. In fact, I should see if she can make me some bath earrings too!

Sticking with the sister theme – Soul Sister Events run female-centred events in Auckland which are a great way of making time to get together with friends to inspire, collaborate and support each other. Often with wine!

A new small business is Lys Creations. Pene set up her soy candle company recently, and got in touch with me to see about stocking her candles as an add-on gift at Salt & Oil. What a great idea – candle-lit baths are the best!

What can’t you live without?

Baths! think I’d go mad if I lived in a house without a bath. A regular bath helps ease my muscle pain AND keep me sane!

Where can we buy your products?

You can find us in a variety of places, but the best place to see everything we offer is at www.saltandoil.nz

And what are you social links?

For fun and giveaways you can join us at www.facebook.com/saltandoilnz

For behind the scenes and stories we’re at www.instagram.com/saltandoil.nz

Thanks so much Dionne, we loved finding out more about you. We used Salt&Oil’s Magnesium Spray in our June Heat box, and we had salt soaks way back in March 2020. A pure treat! They’re also making an appearance in our Winter Beauty Box!

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