How Little&Luxe became reality.

This time almost four years ago I was absolutely terrified. Seeing a dream turning into reality, wondering if it would succeed or fail…

It was Winter, it was cold, I’d come home from my day job, tired, after a long and frustrating day, the beginnings of a head cold, hubs had gone off to his night shift job, and the small human was in the midst of a threenager tantrum (those are fun – once she cried because we wouldn’t let her drive the car) and while cooking dinner, tidying up, getting her in the bath and then into bed and then FINALLY sitting down for some much needed alone time, I thought..

How good would it be to have something delivered once a month that was just for me? That I could enjoy. And that I didn’t have to share.

As women, we are often having to sort out everyone else first, leaving ourselves to last.

If I had a dollar for ever time I went shopping for myself and came home with something for the small human, or something for the husband or the house, and nothing for me I’d be a millionaire many times over. (Okay maybe not quite that much, but it happens a lot!)

What if I created something that was just for you or me (or someone like me) to open and enjoy.

And that’s how we were born.

This idea sat in my head for ages. I’d work on it then freak out, then work on it some more, then change some things, then stop again.

There’s a lot to learn with a small business.

A lot to juggle when you’re a working Mum too.

And what kind of subscription box did I want to have?

At first I thought beauty products. I love makeup, I love skincare. But the reality of that is I couldn’t get the price points I wanted to make it viable for both the business and the customers without reverting to shopping overseas.

That stumped me for a bit.

Then with the help of a good friend we figured out lifestyle. Edible, beauty, practical/fun, personal and home.

Then there’s the model – did I want to ask for free products?

Did I want to pass off samples as full sizes?

Ethically, for me, that felt pretty wrong. Double dipping, although probably a lot more profitable, didn’t really feel like the right choice for what I wanted Little&Luxe to be.

Where would we buy from?

That one was easier to answer – I wanted to use NZ businesses. If they were mum’s working on their own dreams, even better. It’s not always possible, but we try.

And then colours, the logo, finding people who wanted to work with us, did we register for GST, our Facebook page, our Instagram page. Did we want a blog?

Website – how should it look, what should it be able to do?

The processes – how does a subscription work, when does it process? How do I keep track of people’s preferences?

And after we went live. The excess stock. I thought it would be easy to sell hundreds of boxes a month. And maybe if you have a big team or if I’d used the budget I had on the marketing I could of.

But I made mistakes.

It’s not easy. Sometimes we get it wrong. . Once I broke the website when I tried to update a plugin I shouldn’t of.

But I still love this business as much as the day I dreamt about having it.

It challenges me. I get to introduce you to these amazing businesses out there, and hopefully you love them too. I juggle a lot of balls all at once. But it’s so much fun.

If you’d like to get your hands on one of our subscriptions you can shop here. And if subscriptions aren’t your thing, or you need to know what’s in the box, we sell any leftover boxes here.

We look forward to treating you soon!

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