And, we’re finally live!

Hi, hello, eek.

You’re here. Finding out what Little&Luxe is! Looking over what I’ve been dreaming about for years! Thinking of signing up. Or maybe you already have (thanks! I get a little kick of excitement when I get a notification).

So what is this? Well, it’s lots of things. A gift – to yourself, or someone else. A discovery – a way to try new brands or products you might not of heard of. It’s also a way to support a bunch of small New Zealand businesses. A mystery – see we never tell what you’re going to get each month – but we do release clues about our theme. And it’s fun. Well, at least I think so (and so do our subscribers).

What do you get if you sign up?

4-6 products based on our theme for the month. I know. Seems ambiguous. That’s part of the surprise. But here’s a selection of what is coming up (or if you are reading this after our launch what’s gone out), Earrings, lipstick, tea, scarves, candles, sugar scrubs, diaries, cookies, reusable coffee cups, exfoliation masques, konjac sponges, necklaces, makeup brush cleaners, chocolate, cookies and more. It’s a bit of everything – based on a changing theme.

We like discovering things, and sharing those things with you. And we include information on where to buy and social links for the brands in each month on our motivation product cards. I mean what’s the point of introducing you to something and then not showing you where to buy more! We also sometimes send samples of things.

You can check our social feeds (we love our instagram) to see our previous boxes, and if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hi – feel free to drop me an email or a comment.

Talk soon,

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