Have you met… Mare’ from Flour & Dough?

Welcome to our ‘Meet the Maker’ series, where we stalk makers of things and hound them until they agree to be part of our blog.

Name: Mare’ van der Berg

Business name: Flour and Dough

What do you make / create:

I make Pre Mixed Bread for most dietary requirements. I’m also busy with a new sweet treat range, hoping to launch very soon!

What inspired you to first go into business and make your own products?

I have met so many wonderful people on this new venture and every single one of them has such an amazing story to tell.

I have tremendous respect for all the makers out there and what we go through everyday being a one person business!

I’m not sure I have just one reason to what inspired me, it’s more like a need and a desire to be able to have something for myself, and to be home and available for my kids. To help and encourage everyone to eat healthy and delicious, reminding you that you are allowed to have a treat and to treat yourself no matter what your lifestyle is!

What’s your favourite product from your own range?

I love the Sunflower Date and Walnut Nut Flour Bread , as well as the Oregano Garlic Thyme and Rosemary Beer Bread.

Both are so easy and great eaten as is with butter ( everyone should know by now I put butter on everything!)

How do you like to treat yourself?

For me a great treat is being outside and in nature. I love sports and being able to take part and have that feeling of belonging and doing something in a team!

 I can not and will not be without a chocolate and pasta! My go to food on anyday and I can very happily snack on a slab of chocolate all day 🙈

Where can we buy your products?

My products are currently online and at a new pop up in Hamilton – Something Big is Brewing. I have some more stockists that will be launching soon, so keep watching.

You can find Flour & Dough at their website and on Facebook and Instagram.

We included Mare’s bread mixes in our June Heat box, and they were delicious. You might of seen Jo and I ‘toasting’ each other in our stories with buttered bread. We’ve also tried the chilli and cheese flavour and it was divine.

Interested in being part of our ‘Meet the Maker’ series or have the perfect product for one of our boxes? Get in touch here, we’d love to find out more about you and what you do!

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