What We’re Eating – SALT District, Christchurch

I must say, I was quite excited and looking forward to getting out the house! Sorry to you all in Auckland – we seriously appreciate it!

There was a lot of chatter with colleagues of where we were going to go for lunch each day! Not that all we think about is food – but it’s pretty high up there at the day job!

Jo venturing out to eat!

I was very much looking forward to someone else making my lunch for me as for the last 3 weeks, I’ve had 3 little humans constantly submitting lunch requests. Not to mention the endless fruit platters and snack preparation as they worked through their “home-school work” AKA Minecraft and You Tube video while turning my lounge into a giant blanket fort!

Anywhooooo… Off to work I went and on the way thought it might be a nice wee idea to note down my faves and send them to you guys for inspiration! So, if you live in Christchurch and haven’t been or due to a visit this fabulous city, make sure you check out all the awesome spots in the SALT District. That’s the laneways and streets centred around St Asaph, Lichfield and Tuam streets.

Personally, I think I work in the best location in Christchurch!

First things first – WEDNESDAY…

If anyone was going to get my lunch money today, it had to be Zak from Zaks Kebab House (81 Lichfield St, Christchurch). Quite possibly THE best lunch spot this city has ever seen!

They do a lunch special where you can have anything off the menu for $12.

I ALWAYS go for the smoked rice, lamb and hummus. The lamb isn’t like your normal kebab lamb, it’s actually the best slow roasted lamb this side of the alps and the smoked rice is up there too! As you can tell, I’m a bit of a fan! Zak and the team are awesome too! Best customer service – we sometimes get a group order for the office and Zak always calls after to check your food was all good.

On to Thursday

What did I fancy?

Well, it had to be a pizza from Tre Fratelli (7/160 Lichfield Street, Christchurch). And a fried pizza at that! Perfect for a wee Thursday lunch outing. I had Parma ham and rocket – which was super awesome!

Double bonus that I bumped into a friend on the way there…she was out having a lunch-time run – I was on my way to eat fried pizza.

Parma Ham and Rocket Pizza

Today (Friday)

I’ve got two on my hit list – Steampunk Laboratory for a Cup Bop (Korean rice, salad and meat) or Vietnam to Go for a Bahn Mi – both in the boxed quarter on Tuam.

Maybe I need to head into the city on Saturday as well?

Love you SALT District

Thanks for giving me a great back to work week with awesome lunch treats!

What’s your fave lunch when you’re out and about? Send me some inspiration!

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