The C-word


You know that C-word. What did you think I meant? And yes, I know its September and I don’t know about you, but Christmas in our household is intense.

After the family decide who is hosting the actual day, there’s all the lead up tasks – buying giftwrap, gift tags, Christmas cards, ribbon, planning the actual gifts, buying those gifts, making sure you got the right gifts, as well as putting up the tree, decorating the tree, buying more decorations for the tree, deciding where to put the tree, deciding what you’re bringing to the shared family meal, then making it to bring, deep cleaning the house for guests, convincing your kiddo to donate some excess toys, donating the toys, dropping of a food basket to the local food bank, catching up with people who are going away for Christmas, catching up with family who live outside of our location, play dates, school breakup, work breakups, morning teas, lunches, dinners… and there’s probably things I’ve forgotten!


In all that craziness, sometimes its nice to have a little time for ourselves. And, for those of us who have husbands who rely on us to do all the present buying, wouldn’t it be nice to get a gift where you don’t know the contents but you know it will be a treat? 

That’s where we can help. 

We had so much fun last year, we decided to bring it back!

Jo and I have curated the most amazing 12 days of Christmas boxes. Each individual product wrapped and combined into a gift you can save to open on Christmas day, or open one each day in the lead up to Christmas. You could even open it when it arrives, we’re not the fun police!

As women, we’re often the organisers, buyers, and sort-outer’s of all things Christmas.

But this year, why not let us take care of you. You could even purchase one for a friend, sister, aunt, mum, nana – should I keep going?

So whats inside?

These limited edition boxes will contain 12 full sized products and come in two options –  LittleLuxury and Luxury. 

Both will contain a mix of items from beauty, fun, home, edible and accessories – with no sample sizes. The LittleLuxury and Luxury boxes will have similar products for each day of gifting but the brands inside will differ. All products in our boxes are sourced from New Zealand suppliers. 

If you’re an existing subscriber to Little&Luxe products in the 12 days boxes will not be the same as the December Little&Luxe subscription box.

Want one?

Click here to preorder yours now. But be quick – these are limited and once they’re gone they’re gone. We have laybuy and genoapay available.


Send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

We’re looking forward to treating you soon!

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