One of the questions we get asked a lot is how do you come up with themes/products?

And, this might surprise you – it’s a complete mish mash!

How do we decided on themes?

Occasionally the theme relates to something going on that month, our February boxes have been called Love, Lust, Desire and Spice – to fit in with Valentines Day, while in September the themes have been Party, Birthday and Celebrate – because September is our birthday month.

Other times, we just really like a word or think it works for a theme. Like Merry for a December box.






Words that mean something. And quotes to fit.

Now for products inside? That’s a little harder.

My phone is FULL of screenshots.

Brands I’ve seen while on Instagram that I think would be a fit.

Quotes I like.

Products I haven’t tried. New products. Products I think people will like. New ideas. Brands I haven’t seen before. Or products I’ve wanted to try but haven’t.

Jo and I have a chat feed that is full of ‘look at this’ ‘this would be cool in a box’ ‘have you seen this?’

We attend gift fairs and craft shows. Research -google, social feeds, word of mouth. And we’re also part of online communities for businesses.

Sometimes it’s a right place right time – for Heat, Jo messaged me about Flour&Dough, something she’d seen online that I hadn’t. Touched base, ordered and off these delicious DIY bread mixes went out.

Sometimes we get approached – Secret Kiwi Kitchen sent us some brownie mixes to try as they were launching and we popped them in our December Jingle box.

And sometimes, I spot something I think would be cool, buy it personally, then message the maker about appearing in a Little&Luxe box.

We have some hard and fast rules. No tampons. No cleaning products. (Unless it’s for your body!) Pay the makers. You can read more about that here.

We love discovering new business and brands, they might not even be that new, just new to us, and most of all we love supporting them and sharing them with you! We know how hard it is to start a business and juggle all the things.

And we hope that when we introduce them to you via one of our subscriptions or our gift boxes, you’ll fall in love with them too and spread the word!

When women support each other, incredible things can happen.

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